The Why

I'm Sam, and I'd love to be your personal Sommelier


It's all about the why, after all.  My why?  Stories. 

I have an absolute love for wine, people, and stories. Fortunately, I have yet to come across a wine or person who doesn't have a story to tell.  Unfortunately however, in my travels I've discovered two things: that our culture has become much more hands off with one another, and that wine is too often regarded as being unapproachable and pretentious.  

This company was created to change that--My prayer is that through wine, we'd be willing to sit down with each other and leave space for our precious stories to once again be heard, be told, be celebrated.

So whether it be through an educational event I have the privilege to host for you, a bottle you purchase by taking my recommendation, or trying a new varietal based on what you read through my constant discoveries, this space exists solely to gather us together once again, and to help guide you to your next favorite drop! 

Wine and people are both meant to be savored and delighted in, so whatever you do--enjoy.

Let's sip, savor and slow down, friends--




The Fine Print


1} Where is Sam(the)Somm based?  Sunny Orange County, California 

2} Does Sam(the)Somm travel for events?  

Yes, events 100 miles out of Brea, California are charged for mileage; cost is incorporated into your final per-person total.  Any event outside of the 100 mile radius requires an accommodation charge of $200 plus mileage and/or flight cost. 

3} What's my favorite wine?  What are we eating?! My answer to a lot of things is Champagne.  #thankschampagne

4} What are my go-to weekday wines?  White: Viognier, preferably French or Californian.  Red: Côtes du Rhône; gotta love a solid GSM



In need of something specific? Drop me a line!