The Why

I'm Sam, and I'd love to be your personal Sommelier.

Sam(the)Somm was created because of stories; they are the Why behind all this.

I have an absolute love for wine, people, and stories. Fortunately, I have yet to come across a wine or person who doesn't have a story to tell.  Unfortunately however, in my travels I've discovered two things: that our culture has become much more hands off with one another, and that wine is too often regarded as being unapproachable and pretentious.  

This company was created to change that--to make wine your friend and that through that process, we'd be willing to sit down with each other and leave space for our precious stories to once again be heard, be told, be celebrated.

So whether it be through an Educational Event I have the privilege to host for you, a bottle you purchase by taking my recommendation, or a new varietal you try based on what you've received in a custom shipment (coming Fall 2019), this space exists solely to gather us together once again, and to help guide you to your next favorite drop! 

Wine and people are both meant to be savored and delighted in, so whatever you do--enjoy.

Let's Sip, Savor and Slow Down, friends--

Who We Support

mercy logo.png

Mercy Multiplied: A nonprofit organization that has set out to help girls in need throughout America and the world.  Their mission is to "help young women break free from life-controlling behaviors and situations", and in focusing on eating disorders, drug and alcohol abuse, depression, unplanned pregnancies, sexual abuse and more, they are truly doing just that.

Through their Residency Program for young women ages 13-28, Mercy has helped over 3,000 residents since it was founded in 1983.  Their program is 100% free of charge and incredibly impactful, "helping residents to permanently stop destructive cycles, discover purpose for their lives, and become productive and thriving individuals".

It is our pleasure and honor at Sam(the)Somm to give 10% of every wine sale through the Store to Mercy Multiplied in the hopes of supporting and helping to continue their courageous and impactful work. 


The Fine Print


1} Where is Sam(the)Somm based?  Sunny Orange County, California 

2} What's my favorite wine?  What are we eating?!  My answer to a lot of things is Champagne.  #thankschampagne

3} What are my go-to weekday wines?  White: Viognier, preferably French or Californian.  Red: Côtes du Rhône; gotta love a solid GSM

4} Does Sam(the)Somm travel for events?  
Yes, events 20 miles out of Brea, California are charged for mileage (as set by the IRS) with the cost incorporated into your final total.  Any event out of Southern California (San Diego to Los Angeles counties) requires an accommodation charge of $200 plus mileage and/or flight cost. 

Have a question or comment? Drop me a line!