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Your wine package ships the first day of the month, every third month. The only exceptions are Sundays & National Holidays, to which shipment will occur the next day.  Shipping months are September, December, March & June. 

When do my wines ship?


Yes, although you, in particular, do not have to be the one who signs for your wines, the package does need to be signed for by a person 21 years or older.  

You'll be given three attempts to sign for your package before it is sent to your local post office for you to retrieve.  Don't worry, FedEx is great at communicating with you so you always know where your wine is!

Do I need to sign for my wine package upon arrival?



Whenever you sign up, you will receive that season's shipment. 

If I sign up for the Club mid-season, do I receive that season's shipment, or the season upcoming?  


Stay tuned!  We are working on the option, and are shooting for it's launch in Spring 2019

Is there an option for all white wines or all red wines for my shipments?


Yes, for Members who purchased the Quarterly Payment Package you are able to freeze your account for up to two shipments before your account goes into cancelation mode. 

Simply email
up to a week prior to the first of the month of the shipment you'd like to skip.  We'll provide you with a coupon to apply to your account so you won't be billed for the quarter.

Can I skip a shipment?



We'd be so sad to see you go, but completely understand changes in life! to cancel your subscription, log into your account and click on the link to cancel.  You'll receive a confirmation email in return.  

What do I do If I desire to cancel my Membership?


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