There's an Intern at SamSomm!

Hello friends!

I’m so excited to introduce myself as the intern here at SamSomm.  A little
bit about me; my name is Ajia and I’m finishing up my degree in Nutrition & Dietetics at
California State University, Long Beach. I’m a beach girl at heart, having lived most of my life
here in Long Beach. However, I love to travel and explore everything the world has to offer.
Around this same time last year, I was studying in London- a city that will forever have my
heart. I traveled to a few places around Europe and ended my stay there with a few magical
weeks in the south of France with family. This stay in France is where I learned to really enjoy
wine. (Particularly rosé, but that’s a whole other blogpost)

I was asked to focus on one thing to write for this post, but I honestly think that my
exposure to this wine world is so new that it’s hard for me to hone in on one thing. What
initially sparked my interest was the class and sophistication that this particular beverage seems
to have about it. Of course, loving the taste had a bit to do with it as well. Once I followed that
initial interest and took a peek into the wine world, I was gripped by the vastness of it and
completely pulled in. There is just so much there! So many details to look for in one glass. The
smell- when was the last time you really took the time to sit and smell something before you
consumed it? There’s something so tantalizing and exciting about a smell- a little tease of what
you’re about to enjoy. Finally taking a sip and getting it on your tongue can show you the full
experience of what you got on the nose, or it can surprise you with hints of something you
didn’t quite detect before. What you find in the taste tells the story of where the wine has

What I appreciate about wine is how sensitive it is to its surroundings; absorbing a hint
of the sunlight it basked in and showing it to you with some sugar or bite of alcohol. Taking in
the deep vanilla notes of the oak that kept it safe for years and telling you about it in your first
sip. Each scent and each flavor is a little detail in the life story of the wine; and when you finally
get to enjoy it, that bottle can tell you where it’s been. When working with SamSomm, I’m
looking forward to learning as much as I can so that I can start to understand the life behind
each bottle. Even more so, I’m looking to sharing what I learn with you!